Sukanshi | Coinshift
Sukanshi | Coinshift
Nov 24, 2022 9:41:12 PM

MultiSafe Is Now Coinshift, Smart treasury management for crypto organizations.

We proudly announce that MultiSafe has rebranded to Coinshift and raised $2.5M in Seed funding to build the most sophisticated crypto treasury management platform for Companies & DAOs. This new investment will help us expand our stellar technical and non-technical team while further developing our product suite.

Our seed round investors include Sequoia Capital India, Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund), Ethereal Ventures, Longhash Ventures, Fintech Collective, Consensys Mesh, Defi Alliance, Volt Capital, Gnosis, Protocol Labs, BR capital & stellar angels who have supported since the beginning of our journey.

  • Fernando Martinelli — Co-Founder & CEO, Balancer Labs
  • Kenneth Ng — Ethereum Foundation & UGP Lead
  • Sandeep Nailwal — Co-Founder & COO, Polygon
  • Ajit Tripathi — Head of Institutional Business, Aave
  • Larry Sukernik — Previously, Investments at Digital Currency Group.
  • Scott Moore — Co-Founder, Gitcoin
  • Bored Elon Musk — MetaMars
  • Harsh (EPNS), Aniket (Biconomy), Sachin (Biconomy), Ahmed (Biconomy), Arjun Kalsy (Polygon), Charlie Songhurst (Previously, Head of Corporate Strategy, Microsoft), Siddharth Jain (Defi Dollar), Mohak (Claystack), Prasanna (Rippling), Swaroop (Powerloom), Pranav (Woodstock), Siddhanth Jayaram (Ex, Kalaari Capital)

We’d like to take this opportunity to walk you through our journey and the future ahead.

Since we publicly launched CoinShift (Formally MultiSafe) in June this year, more than 130 gnosis-safe accounts have been onboarded with $200M in treasury assets. We have processed more than $14M in payouts to 302 payees from organizations, including Uniswap Grants, Consensys, Balancer Grants, Perpetual Grants, Biconomy, Chainsafe, Idle finance, and various others.

Quotes from our Investors

With Coinshift V1, Crypto companies & DAOs can

  • Use multi-signature accounts — Powered by Gnosis safe, collaborate seamlessly to confirm and execute transactions.
  • Define an organization structure and specify salaries for each employee with end-to-end data encryption.
  • Execute one-click mass payouts, making it easy to run payroll or pay to a larger group of grantees and save time and gas fees. Organizations can save up to 90% of gas fees.
  • Manage Accounting seamlessly using transaction notes & CSV exports.
  • Create spending limits by adding a beneficiary address and process smaller transactions without multisig approvals.
  • Seamlessly Swap Treasury Assets directly from multisig treasury with token approvals and swap execution in one transaction — powered by Paraswap.


Our mission is to build the most sophisticated crypto treasury management platform for companies & DAOs. We aim to provide complete data transparency to DAOs by building a shared treasury data infrastructure on top of IPFS & Filecoin.

We envision solving 3 important aspects of a treasury management solution:

  • Cash Management — Treasury Spending, Accounting, Reporting & Forecasting
  • Financing — Lending Treasury assets to earn yield & Debt management.
  • Risk Management — Assessing Treasury assets allocation risk, money markets risk, Hedging against a market crash, and insurance.

We are super pumped to launch our upcoming product feature, i.e. Asset management with a built-in Risk assessment framework allowing more sensible treasury management decisions for Companies & DAOs in the coming months. We will be publishing more details about it very soon. Stay Tuned!

We are constantly looking for launch partners and protocol integration partners for the upcoming Asset Management Release.

If you are a Company/DAO looking to diversify your treasury assets and OR asset management & payouts protocol. Reach out to us on our Discord channel.

Be a part of our Community & Get Involved.

We are a small team of 6 individuals who are super passionate about building this for the community.

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