Tamara | Coinshift
Tamara | Coinshift
Oct 3, 2023 6:36:58 PM

Introducing Hedgey - Coinshift Apps Partner

Coinshift is excited to partner with Hedgey as part of the Coinshift Apps launch. The goal of the partnership is to offer a superior token vesting experience for treasury teams.

Coinshift users can now access Hedgey’s customisable on-chain solutions -Token Vesting and Time Locks directly from their Coinshift dashboard. Hedgey operates in a non-custodial manner, with tokens securely held in audited escrow contracts. Contacts are customisable, allowing for the definition of cliff dates and voting rights.

Key features and benefits of vesting with Hedgey and Coinshift Apps

  • Seamless token management: Hedgey streamlines the processes for time locks and vesting plan creation
  • Security and transparency:  Hedgey's non-custodial approach ensures assets are securely held in audited escrow contracts
  • Customisation offers flexibility in setting cliff dates, post-vesting lockups, and transferability
  • Transaction proposals facilitate collaboration and transparency among treasury team members
  • Human readable data clearly displays the intended actions, giving the 2nd, 3rd and 4th signers confidence when signing/executing a transaction
  • Custom labels and notes increase the transparency and efficiency of treasury record-keeping

About Hedgey

Hedgey is a non-custodial token vesting and lockup platform, offering tools to create and manage on-chain token management and vesting plans for the entire team.  Hedgey’s custom dashboards allow users to track, manage, and claim their vested tokens with ease and confidence.  Learn more about Hedgey

About Coinshift 

Coinshift Apps extends the Safe Apps experience for treasury teams through transaction proposals, batching, and human-readable data. 

Learn how to create vesting plans and time locks with Hedgey and Coinshift Apps

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