Tamara | Coinshift
Tamara | Coinshift
Aug 25, 2023 5:28:27 PM

Introducing LI.FI - Coinshift Apps Partner


Coinshift is excited to announce a new partnership with LI.FI  as part of Coinshift Apps. The goal of the partnership is to offer superior cross-chain swapping experience for CFOs and Treasury managers.

LI.FI’s protocol offers access to all major liquidity networks, bridges and DEXs, both on- and cross-chain. It allows treasury managers to move and swap liquidity across chains using the most efficient and cost-effective route for transactions


Key features and benefits of bridging with LI.FI and Coinshift Apps

  • Cross-chain interactions allow users to bridge assets from one chain to another in a single transaction, saving time and gas fees.
  • Batch transactions allow treasury managers to approve and swap tokens simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing gas cost.
  • Transaction proposals ensure no transactions are blocked in the sequential multi-sig queue.
  • Human readable data showing the intended actions, giving the 2nd, 3rd and 4th signers confidence when signing/executing a transaction operational efficiency and reducing gas cost.
  • Custom labels and notes increase the transparency and efficiency of treasury record-keeping.
  • Slack and Discord notifications keep users up-to-date and confident over the entire transaction lifecycle.

About LI.FI

LI.FI is a bridge aggregation protocol that simplifies cross-chain interactions. By integrating with liquidity networks and DEX aggregators, LI.FI supports any 2-way swaps, aiding in asset transfers across different blockchains.

About Coinshift 

Coinshift Apps extends the Safe Apps experience for CFOs and treasury managers through transaction proposals, batching, and human-readable data, laying the building blocks for DeFi accounting. With Coinshift Apps users can seamlessly interact with dApps directly from their multisig Safe, greatly increasing the operational efficiency of their treasuries.

Learn more about bridging with LI.FI and Coinshift Apps

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