Tamara | Coinshift
Tamara | Coinshift
Aug 22, 2023 7:24:32 PM

CoW Swap - Coinshift Apps Partner



Coinshift is excited to announce a new partnership with CoW Swap as part of Coinshift Apps. The goal of the partnership is to offer a superior multi-sig swapping experience for CFOs and treasury managers. 

CoW Swap's limit order feature offers an effective solution to control trading prices, particularly useful in a multi-sig environment, where not all signers may be available at once, potentially leading to price slippage. Limit orders prevent price slippage by executing only at the user-specified price.

Key features and benefits of Swapping with CoW Swap and Coinshift Apps

  • Limit orders enable automatic transactions at desired prices, crucial in a multi-sig environment
  • Access to all on-chain liquidity ensures smooth and uninterrupted treasury operations operations
  • Protection against MEV attacks reduces treasury management risks
  • Batch transactions allow treasury managers to approve and swap tokens simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing gas cost
  • Transaction proposals ensure no transactions are blocked in the sequential multi-sig queue
  • Human readable data shows the intended actions, giving the 2nd, 3rd and 4th signers confidence when signing/executing a transaction
  • Custom labels and notes increase the transparency and efficiency of treasury record-keeping
  • Slack and Discord notifications keep users up-to-date and confident over the entire transaction lifecycle

About CoW Swap

CoW Swap is the first aggregator trading interface built on top of CoW Protocol. It allows users to buy and sell tokens using gasless orders that are settled peer-to-peer or into any on-chain liquidity source while providing MEV protection. CoW Swap offers users competitive trading prices and liquidity by leveraging multiple DEXs and AMMs.

About Coinshift 

Coinshift Apps extends the Safe Apps experience for CFOs and treasury managers through transaction proposals, batching, and human-readable data, laying the building blocks for DeFi accounting. With Coinshift Apps users can seamlessly interact with dApps directly from their multisig Safe, greatly increasing the operational efficiency of their treasuries.

Learn more about swapping with CoW Swap and Coinshift Apps

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