Hayley | Coinshift
Hayley | Coinshift
Nov 9, 2023 7:33:39 PM

Introducing our latest integration: Base

pray.eth | Coinshift
pray.eth | Coinshift

Mar 24, 2023 7:37 PM

How Biconomy Manages their Multi-Safe Treasury with Coinshift


We are super excited to keep those onchain summer vibes alive via our latest integration with Base.

Since Base launched, our team have had their sights firmly set on ensuring our users and builders in the Base ecosystem can perform multisig magic using Coinshift. This integration marks a significant step towards our commitment to a multichain future. All without ever having to step away from the Coinshift platform. 

Incubated by crypto juggernauts Coinbase, Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users to web3. Base is destined to be one of the best places for developers to build onchain and we are astounded by the level of innovation taking place in the ecosystem in just a few short months.

From sofi dApps such as friend.tech, a decentralized social network, to sophisticated liquidity marketplaces like Aerodrome and everything in between — the Base ecosystem is a hive of creativity.

Current Coinshift users: How to get the most out of the Base integration

As your organization expands its operations across multiple chains, the complexity of managing your treasury will increase too. This support for Base is  a reinforcement of our promise to support your organisation as it scales across various EVM chains.

Coinshift's powerful features are now fully compatible with Base, bringing you a suite of tools designed to streamline your operations. Here's how you can maximise the benefits of Coinshift's support for Base:

Simplified payments  So you love security but hate the friction of multisigs? We get it. With mass payouts, you can pay up to 150 people in a single transaction and say Adios to blocked TX queues with Coinshift Proposals.

Asset management with Coinshift Apps  Say goodbye to hex data and hello to human readable sentences

Your treasury at a glance, in real-time And with a unified view of your treasury, you can track all of your Safes in one space. We support 7 of the most popular chains with more on the way! 

Plus Portfolio History Make month-end headaches a thing of the past. With Coinshift, view historical token balances and get a snapshot in the click of a button.

With Slack and Discord notifications, you can sign transactions 5x faster and be notified as your colleagues sign transactions.

Bookkeeping  Bookkeeping shouldn’t be taxing — that’s why you can view all historical incoming and outgoing transactions with 100% completeness to Etherscan. Plus add custom labels and notes.

And making its debut soon — seamlessly sync to Quickbooks, Xero, and Netsuite.

Building on Base? Turbo-boost your treasury management with Coinshift

We know that poorly managed finances are a startup killer, which is why Coinshift is here to support you as you scale. 

If you are looking for a smooth way to manage your treasury on top of your Safe multi-sigs and save your team time, so they can focus on building — please reach out to us so we can help you get up and running in no time at all. 

You can learn more about Coinshift in this comprehensive overview.

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