Sukanshi | Coinshift
Sukanshi | Coinshift
Nov 25, 2022 5:30:50 AM

Introducing Flexible Mass Payouts in Multiple Tokens

Coinshift V1 went live in late May 2021, and since then, we have had excellent traction on the mass payout feature.

Using mass payouts, you can transfer funds from your Gnosis Safe to a hundred people at once, in a single atomic transaction.

This is achieved through transaction batching using the Multi Send smart contract. Transaction batching can help you save a lot of time and gas fees.

Why Flexible Payouts?

Until now, using Coinshift, you could only transfer a single token and only select a single team. For example, to pay USDC to 20 people in the Contributors team.

One of the main feedback we received on the payouts feature was to add support for multiple tokens and pay to multiple teams in a single batch transaction.

This way, in a single transaction, you could pay USDC to the Contributors team, USDT to Grant's team, ETH to the Engineering team, and so on.

Another feedback was to be able to upload a CSV file with names, addresses, and token amounts and pay directly in a single click.

We are extremely customer-centric when it comes to product development. Therefore, we decided to revamp our mass payout feature based on all the feedback and make it extremely flexible.

Here is a sneak peek at the new mass payout UI:

With the new UI, you can:

  • Have one token per batch, and add as many batches as you want
  • Select people from existing teams or add the addresses and amounts manually
  • Upload a CSV file and pay people instantly
  • Specify the amounts in USD, and it will be denominated in the token you select
  • View the final summary before initiating the transaction

We believe this new UI is extremely powerful and can do all kinds of payouts.

Flexible mass payouts align perfectly with our vision to simplify treasury management for crypto organizations.

About Coinshift

Coinshift aims to build the most sophisticated crypto treasury management platform for companies & DAOs. We aim to provide complete data transparency to DAOs by building a shared data layer on top of IPFS & Filecoin.

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