Feb 10, 2023 6:05:24 PM

Feature Spotlight: Proposals

pray.eth | Coinshift
pray.eth | Coinshift

Feb 10, 2023 6:05 PM

Feature Spotlight: Proposals

Coinshift Proposals helps crypto organizations better manage their multi-sig treasury transactions on top of Safe. Proposals reduce the administrative burden on signers, minimize errors, increase flexibility, and lower gas fees.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Coinshift users see all pending “Proposals,” a “Queue” of on-chain transactions waiting approval, and “History” of transactions for the entire organization

With Coinshift, any user within an organization can create and edit a proposal. Only a Safe signer can accept a proposal with one simple click, moving it on-chain and into the Queue. Once the multi-sig approval threshold is reached, the transaction executes and appears in History

And because Coinshift is multi-safe and multi-chain, your Proposals, Queue, and History tabs will consolidate transactions from all Safes added to your organization across all supported networks!

Figure 2
Figure 2: List of proposals within the organization across all safes and networks, consolidated into one view


Scale Decision Making with Safe + Coinshift

Coinshift Proposals help address a number of common pain points when managing your treasury, including the following:

Figure 3 Figure 3: How Safe + Coinshift address common organizational pain points when managing treasury transactions

As decentralized organizations grow, complexity increases. Proposals help teams coordinate more effectively and scale their decision making.


Building Proposals into your Treasury Workflow

Organizations can use proposals within Coinshift to manage the following:

👉 create a Mass Payout to pay multiple contributors in multiple tokens, with one transaction

👉 continuously stream salaries to full-time contributors through Coinshift's core integration with Superfluid

👉 propose administrative changes to Safes, e.g. change a multi-sig threshold

👉 invest treasury assets through WalletConnect (beta)

All managed from the same multi-safe, multi-chain dashboard in Coinshift!

Figure 4: Using proposals in Coinshift to manage operations

Proposals are a key way Coinshift simplifies treasury management. Future upgrades will allow signers to group multiple proposals together into one transaction, saving time and gas fees.  And users will be able to schedule proposals, helping crypto organizations further automate repetitive operations such as monthly salary payments.

Please see our User Guide for more details on how to manage proposals. If you’d like access to Coinshift v2 to incorporate proposals into your own treasury management workflows, please click the link below:

Request access to Coinshift v2