Sukanshi | Coinshift
Sukanshi | Coinshift
Nov 25, 2022 5:55:05 AM

Coinshift Streamlines Crypto Payroll With Superfluid Money Streams

Sukanshi | Coinshift
Sukanshi | Coinshift

Nov 25, 2022 5:55

Coinshift Streamlines Crypto Payroll With Superfluid Money Streams

Coinshift integrates Superfluid, empowering multi-sig signers to automate recurring payouts with real-time streaming.

Many users have asked us about recurring payment options, as DAOs and other crypto organizations have rapidly expanded. In the quest to build web3’s best treasury management solution, we are super excited to announce that today we are officially launching real-time streams on Coinshift powered by Superfluid!

“Real-time finance is a fundamental innovation in moving capital across different agents. We are thrilled to partner with Superfluid pioneering real-time finance as a protocol layer. Working with the Superfluid team has been incredible over the past few months.”

We look forward to bringing the superfluid streams to salaries, asset management, and other workflows — Tarun Gupta, Coinshift CEO.

About Superfluid

Superfluid is the leading asset streaming protocol that enables Web3 native subscriptions, salaries, and rewards for DAOs and crypto-native businesses. Superfluid streams transfer value in a constant flow over time between wallets in a non-custodial and permissionless manner and can be used to describe cash flows and execute them automatically on-chain, over time, and in a non-interactive way. Money Streams are programmable, composable, and modular, allowing developers to build custom applications on top of the protocol. No capital is locked up, and all inflows and outflows are netted in real-time at every block without gas consumption. Ongoing streams can be forwarded as they are received to both wallets and applications, eliminating delays and drastically increasing capital efficiency.

During the past few months, our engineering team has been working incredibly hard to bring Coinshift’s leading treasury management infrastructure, which now supports multiple chains, to Superfluid, including functionality to start multiple streams in a single transaction, tagging, unified reporting, and much more! 🔥🚀

Coinshift’s native integration of Superfluid allows users to create, view, manage & edit real-time streams directly from the Coinshift dashboard and supports streams initiated via other non-Coinshift applications. DAO treasury managers using the Coinshift dashboard will be able to start multiple streams from multi-sig in one transaction, along with a whole suite of other treasury management features supported by Coinshift. Money streaming is a revolutionary concept that challenges how we think about value transfer. It enables highly capital-efficient payouts that unlock benefits for both the DAO and the contributor.

Image representation of streaming via Coinshift dashboard

Treasury managers can fully automate their payroll while limiting exposure to tokens wrapped via Superfluid and keeping funds available in their wallets until they need to be streamed. When starting/stopping streams via Coinshift, tokens are automatically wrapped just in time to keep the streams running without any intervention required from the multi-sig signers, allowing them to truly automate their crypto payroll.

Benefits of salary streaming for DAOs / DAO admins:

  • Automates payroll & significantly reduces the manual effort to just simple updates when needed.
  • Set up streams for mass payouts, including multiple tokens, in a single transaction.
  • Significantly reduces gas costs over the long term.
  • Set streams once they’ll keep running until you decide to stop them, drastically reducing the time and cognitive effort of managing payouts every month.
  • Delight contributors with a superior payment process.

Benefits of salary streaming for contributors:

  • Give contributors flexibility to spend their salary before the end of the month.
  • Capital can be invested in DeFi as received, allowing immediate compounding without waiting for the end of the month payday.
  • No waiting around for transactions to be processed at the end of the month.
  • Contributors can see their rewards accumulate with real-time salaries.

Coinshift is a big believer in Superfluid Protocol. It is a key part of our future product roadmap in our quest to build the best-in-class treasury management solution for DAOs and companies. The Superfluid ecosystem is growing daily, allowing developers to build powerful real-time financial applications that benefit the entire web3 ecosystem. Automating crypto payroll for contributors and vendors with real-time money streaming is just day zero. Businesses can manage payments and accept subscriptions on-chain via ongoing, second-by-second token streams, greatly expanding what can be done in the web3 design space.

Sign up for early access if you’d like to try out real-time money streaming.

Have fun exploring, and let us know what you think!

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