Sukanshi | Coinshift
Sukanshi | Coinshift
Nov 25, 2022 4:55:26 AM

Coinshift Partners with Credmark for Risk Assessment for DAO & Company Treasuries

Coinshift has seen incredible growth since launching its Payouts solution for Treasury Management in late May of 2021, with over 260 million USD in assets being managed through Coinshift, and over 16 million USD in transactions processed.

Our goal is to build a complete Treasury Management platform for our users, and Asset Management is a key part of that. We want to make it easier for DAOs and crypto organizations to manage Treasury diversification wisely with acceptable levels of risk.

We are therefore pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Credmark, a risk modeling platform for DeFi, managed by the Credmark DAO. Coinshift will incorporate Credmark’s risk assessment reports into the platform, combining Credmark’s high-quality data analysis with output from other top research organizations within crypto.

Credmark’s risk reporting focuses on 4 primary areas:

  • Market Risk, or the exposure to losses caused by changing prices of assets held by a protocol
  • Liquidity risk, or the potential for a lending protocol to owe more to depositors than assets they control
  • Operational Risk, or quantifying the impact of a potential hack
  • Profitability, while not traditionally a risk metric, it’s an important factor when considering long-term protocol viability.

Learn more details here.

The result of incorporating Credmark’s risk reporting into our risk assessment framework is a more comprehensive risk assessment platform for our users, helping them in smart decision-making while choosing their treasury strategy.

“We want to give our users detailed reporting on risks associated with specific treasury investments, and our partnership with Credmark will help us build out a more complete Asset Management solution. Understanding and managing risk is important for any investor, but absolutely critical for DAOs and crypto organizations when managing their treasuries for long-term growth. Credmark is a key part of our overall risk assessment strategy.” — Tarun Gupta, Coinshift CEO

About Credmark

Credmark is a decentralized risk modeling platform in Defi that leverages an adversarial platform to high integrity, verifiable DeFi risk models. Credmark brings the risk tools used by traditional finance institutions to DAOs, retail users, and everyone in between.

About Coinshift

Coinshift aims to build the most sophisticated crypto treasury management platform for companies & DAOs. We aim to provide complete data transparency to DAOs by building a shared data layer on top of IPFS & Filecoin.

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