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Simple Steps to Migrate from Coinshift v1 to Coinshift v2

Please find below the steps to migrate from Coinshift v1 to v2.

If you have any issues, please contact someone from the Coinshift team on Discord or Twitter. Whatever works best for you.

Step 1: Create an account

After redirecting to Coinshift V2 webpage, connect your wallet and select Create an account.

Step 2: Add Credentials

Add your Name (mandatory field), followed by an Email & Job title (optional fields)

Step 3: Create a new organisation

After signing & verifying your wallet, create a new organisation where your team can add & manage crypto assets across multiple Safes.

Step 4: Create/ Import Safe

After being redirected to the Coinshift V2 dashboard. Select Create/ Import safe

Step 5: Import existing Safe

Select Import existing Safe to import existing Safes from Coinshift V1.

Step 6: Select Safe to import

Select the Network of your existing V1 wallet and select which Safe you want to import to V2.

Refer to the image below to see how Coinshift V1 safes will be reflected.

Step 7: Summary page

After redirecting to the Summary page, you can find Safe address details (Coinshift V1).

Step 8: Next steps after import

Once V1 Safe is imported, you will see Assets & Signers.

For migrating transaction details, contacts & labels, click on Go to accounts link at the top of the page.

Step 9: Migrate data (labels, contacts & transaction details)

Click Migrate button under the Accounts section to migrate data (labels, contacts & transaction details) from Coinshift V1.

Step 10: Confirm Migration

You can migrate the data by signing the confirmation message. Click on Sign and Migrate

Note: Please wait for 10 minutes so that transactions are synchronised

Step 11: Showcasing Migrated Data

Under Transactions tab > History, you can find the migrated data

Migrated Transaction details

Migrated Contacts

Migrated Labels

Inviting Safe Owners

Step 12: User management tab

Go to the user management section or click Invite to invite other Safe owners.

Note: Invite will redirect you to the user management section only.

Step 13: Invite existing owners

To add existing V1 Safe owners: You need to select the Safe owners & click on Invite (an invitation will be sent to selected owners)

Note: To add new Safe owners: You must select the ‘Add user’ option.

Step 14: Invite new user

Add user option will redirect you Invite New User page, where you need to add the Safe or ENS address of the owner.

Step 15: Accept an Invite

Invited owners should add Sign up details and ‘Accept invite’, redirecting them to the V2 dashboard.

Step 16: Track invitations

You have the option to track the status of the Safe owners (Refer to the image below)

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